Which one do I use?

Your individual need will determine the type of scrub you should use. If you have dead, dry skin on your feet and elbows, you may want to try a salt scrub as it is more abrasive, and works much better on tougher skin.

If you would like to exfoliate your face, or have sensitive skin, a sugar scrub is the best way to go. 

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  • Salt particles are rougher and provide a deeper, more rigorous exfoliation.

  • Unlike sugar, salt scrubs do not become sticky.

  • Salt dissolves in warm water, but takes a little more effort than sugar. 

  • Salt scrubs are often richer in minerals than sugar scrubs. For example, sea salt scrubs has over 10 minerals which aide in cleansing and skin healing. 

  • Salt scrubs should never be used on the face as the particles are much more abrasive than sugar. 


  • Sugar is softer on the skin and less abrasive than salt. 

  • Sugar scrubs can become sticky. 

  • Sugar scrubs dissolve much quicker than salt when rinsed with warm water. 

  • There are no mineral qualities in sugar scrubs. 

  • Sugar scrubs can be used all over the body including the face.